When is it time to declutter your closet?

We all need to declutter our closets once in a while. It is common for people to take care of that during their annual spring cleaning. However, most of us often have a hard time getting rid of clothes. At one point, however, it becomes quite necessary to do that. In this article we will show you a number of red flags you should pay attention to. These will help you realise that it is time to declutter your closet from old clothes and put in new ones.

Make sure you do not hold onto old pieces that you no longer wear or want. Here is when it is the best time to declutter and refresh your closet.

  1. The season has changed
    When the seasons change, so do the clothes that you need in your closet. If it is already warm outside, you will not be needing all the fluffy sweaters and wool pants. Organise your clothes by seasons and store the clothes you will not be wearing so they do not take up extra space in your closet. This will help you reduce the clutter, especially if you have a small closet that is not able to fit in all 4 seasons at once.
  2. If it is a Mess
    If your closet is looking like a big, deforemed colourful textile monster, it is probably time to organise and declutter it. If you have a lot of clothes, set aside 2 or more days for this task. Once you organise and plan your closet, you will realise just how easy it is to keep it neat. You will be able to see all your clothes and notice what you like to wear and which of the pieces are not your favourite choice.
  3. You start working
    If you just got a new job or you had a long break and are back to work, you will need to make sure your closet is work-appropriate. Look through your whole wardrobe and see what would work. If there is anything missing, go to the store and buy it. Do not mix leisure and work-appropriate clothing to avoid confusion.
    You start working more hours
    Having comfortable, efficient clothing when working long hours will greatly benefit you. It is best if you organise a shelf in your closet for “work uniforms”. Those would be time-saving, simple outfits that will be perfect for a long working day.
  4. You stop working
    If you start working from home or simply retire, make sure you do not keep a closet full of smart clothes you will not be needing. Reorganise and keep more comfortable, leisure clothing around. Now would be a good time to donate the office pieces you will not be needing and reduce closet clutter.
  5. Gym
    Whether you start or stop going to the gym, you will need to reorganise your closet. Either make space for your new fitness gear and clothing, or get rid of it and make space for other, more appropriate pieces of clothing.
  6. You got a baby
    If you just welcomed a new member of the family, you will certainly need to reorganise your wardrobe. Think about all that time you will spend looking after the little one. It is a time consuming, messy job. Make sure you set aside your formal wear and make space for convenient clothing – lots of it. Easy to change, comfortable, inexpensive clothes you will not cry over when ruined.
  7. More social events on your schedule
    If you all of a sudden start attending more social events, whether it is for work or just pleasure, you will certainly need an upgrade of your closet.
  8. You realise your clothes no longer fit your age
    If you have not changed your wardrobe in a while, you may suddenly realise that you have aged but your clothes haven’t. If you feel like your clothes no longer match your personality or you feel inappropriate in them, change that. Pick out the pieces you feel are too immature for you and replace them with similar ones that fit your current style better.
  9. You have made a major life change
    If you are starting or ending a big journey, just graduated and starting a new job or anything life changing, you will need to drastically change your clothing as well. Pick out the clothes that do not fit your current lifestyle and replace them with more appropriate ones.
  10. Your clothes are spilling out
    If you seem to not be able to fit in any new clothes, or are having a hard time closing your wardrobe door because clothes are constantly spilling out, you probably have too many of them. Make sure to organise it and see what is unnecessary but still there.
  11. You are moving
    Imagine bringing your whole closet to your new place. This could be rather exhausting and quite unnecessary as well. Be ruthless about getting rid of things you do not need or do not want. Moving to a new place will give you a fresh start and you can use that opportunity to refresh your closet as well.
  12. You have nothing to wear
    It might sound weird, but not having things to wear, might mean you simply have too many of the wrong pieces. If that is indeed the case, take everything out of your wardrobe and start organising all your clothes into piles. You can also create some mix & match outfits to make things easier.
  13. Your body is changing
    Whether you lost or gained weight, or sustained an injury that prevents you from enjoying your once comfortable clothes, do not hesitate to make a change in your wardrobe. Do not wait to lose or gain back the weight to fit in your favourite pants. Clothes are made to fit your body and not vice versa.
  14. You need some cash
    It is a good time to find some nice pieces in your closet that are in good condition but you simply do not wear that often. Make a garage sale, post them online or visit a consignment shop. This is the one of the best, most efficient ways to declutter your closet.