How to clean a dolce gusto machine?

Enjoying a nice cup of coffee can easily fix anyone’s day. However, a coffee machine that provides us with well brewed coffee deserves good maintenance. On that note – hygiene is of crucial importance when it comes to maintenance. Let’s take Nescafe’s Dolce Gusto machine. It is an elegant, easy to use coffee maker that offers a wide variety of flavours. A well-maintained coffee machine is able to truly show you the full potential of the particular coffee flavour you chose.
The best, most aromatic coffee is brewed in clean appliances where old coffee residue cannot be found. Cleaning your coffee machine is not a complicated task. As long as you do not forget to do it regularly, the process should be quick and easy. The only thing you have to pay more attention to are the steps you should follow.

Whenever you decide to clean your Dolce Gusto, start with the exterior of your machine and move to the inside of it. Always start with the drip tray. It is the messiest component of a coffee machine and it is the place where drink residue collects. Always throw the liquid away and wash the drip tray once in a while. Do not forget to do this regularly in order to prevent overflows, and stop mold and algae from growing.
Next would be the capsule holder. It is another very important part of your machine. You want to keep it clean at all times. Any leftover residue could change the taste of your coffee. Next on the list is the water tank. Do not forget to empty and refill it every couple of days. Fresh, clean, odourless water is a key point when it comes to brewing delicious coffee. Regularly emptying it will also protect it from limescale. Last but not least is the body. Nowadays, coffee machines can often be an interior design statement piece. Having a beautiful, clean, dust-free coffee maker will help you enjoy nice coffee but also good looks.

The next part of the professional cleaning process is also very important. It includes the internal maintenance of the coffee machine. In order to be able to enjoy tasty, rich, fresh coffee, you also have to take care of the insides of the appliance. Dolce Gusto machines are very conveniently made so that the inside can be taken care of by a simple rinse program. Run this program once a week in order to remove all impurities and leftover debris from the inside of the machine.

There however, is another part of the cleaning process that is extremely important. That is the descaling of your Dolce Gusto machine. As any other appliance that uses hot water, these Nescafe coffee makers are prone to limescale. Limescale buildup is also the main reason for malfunction in most of the cases, Not only that but it might also clog up your water system and result in the process of brewing a cup taking much longer than usual. When that happens, more energy will be consumed and the costs for keeping your machine running will also increase. And if that was not enough, limescale can also change the taste of your coffee. Here is how to know it is time to descale your coffee machine:

  1. Your coffee tastes off and the flavour is not what it is supposed to be
  2. Instead of a smooth flow, your coffee slowly dribbles into your cup
  3. The temperature of the coffee is lower than it is supposed to be

There are different products you can use when it comes to descaling your coffee machine. Dolce Gusto have their own descaling solution, which you can purchase on their website. If you want to use a different brand of product, check your manual to see if it is suitable for the particular type of machine you have.
The descaling of your Dolce Gusto machine can be done every 3-4 months. Most models have an integrated descaling program. If you have one, check your manual to see how it is run. It is usually a simple process that involves switching an on/off button.
Once you are ready to start the descaling of your machine, mix your solution with water and pour it into the water tank. Run the descaling program and the machine will rinse the solution through. Pour clean water in the machine and rinse it once more.

This is what you can do to properly clean all parts of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine. All those procedures will ensure that your appliance is well maintained. Regularly cleaning and descaling it will prevent malfunction from happening and will allow you to enjoy your coffee at its best. Keep your machine in order and rest assured that your coffee will be tasting fresh. For more information, check your manual.