Deep cleaning kitchen appliances – everything you need to know

While a kitchen should be deep cleaned once a month, at least, the task list of this chore usually includes all surfaces, shelves, cupboards, tables, chairs, utensils, etc. However, how often do you also tackle the deep cleaning of your appliances?
The thorough cleaning of all your kitchen appliances is essential for the overall clean and fresh condition of the kitchen, but it will also help maintain their good condition and prolong their life.

We will talk about the importance of thorough degreasing, cleaning, and disinfection of the main appliances found in most kitchens. In this article, you will also find some helpful tips on how to clean them in the best way possible.

Microwaves are a great appliance to have in your kitchen. They are easy to use, save a lot of time and effort, and can be used for so many things. However, in order to prevent your microwave from becoming greasy and dirty and keep it smelling fresh, you may need to give it a deep cleaning once in a while.
It is important that you thoroughly clean the inside of your microwave, but also its exterior, especially if it’s placed nearby or above your stove. In order to get rid of all grease and food splatters, you will certainly need a good-quality degreaser and get to work.

Firstly, spray the degreaser you chose all over the outside of your microwave and thoroughly scrub the whole surface. Once you are done, remove the vent cover and the microwave plate and give them a deep cleaning as well. Scrub the top, bottom, and sides of the microwave. Wipe them down with a cloth, dipped in plain water to remove any cleaning solution residue, and let everything dry. You can clean the window of your microwave with a glass cleaner.

If you did not manage to remove all the grease from the inside of your appliance, place a bowl of water with half a lemon inside and run the microwave on high. The steam created by this will act as a degreaser and help loosen all stuck-on grease and food splatters. Wipe the whole inside with a microfiber cloth and enjoy a fresh kitchen appliance.

Your oven is the appliance you use most often. However, when you prepare food in it, splatters and spills happen and leave a greasy residue and stuck-on food particles all over the inside of your oven. This may leave a bad smell and even affect the taste of your meals.

Start by removing all racks and the cover of your oven fan (if possible) and give them a thorough cleaning in hot water and dishwashing liquid. Then grab a plastic scraper and remove any solids that can be found on the inside of your appliance. Grab a degreasing cleaning solution, and spray it all over the inside. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then grab a sponge or a microfiber cloth and wipe everything down. Do not forget to wipe the inside with a cloth dipped in plain water in order to remove all soapy residue.

Once you are done with the deep cleaning of the inside of your oven and all racks and trays, place them back together and move on to the outside of your oven. If you have a built-in appliance, you will only need to clean the top of it. Grab the degreasing solution again. Spray the stovetop and let it sit for a while, especially if there are a lot of greasy buildups. Scrape away any solids and wipe the surface down.

This is the place where most foods are kept. It is especially important to keep this appliance clean in order to prevent spoiling of meals, vegetables, or any other delicious things you have in there. Refrigerators can collect bacteria and cause mould and mildew growth. What is more, if not cleaned regularly, refrigerators may start smelling after a while.

Always start by removing all food and dispose of all expired items and rotten fruits or vegetables. Take out all drawers, shelves, and racks. You can soak them in hot water and wash them with regular soap. Make sure you scrub them well and remove any stuck-on solids. Grab your favourite cleaning product and spray the whole inside of your refrigerator. When done, grab a cloth dipped in plain water and wipe the whole inside to remove any cleaning solution residue.

Dry the racks and other pieces and place them back in your appliance. Do not forget to thoroughly clean your refrigerator door as well. Dust and wipe the outside of your fridge including the top and back. You will be shocked at how dusty it can get there. You can wipe down any jars and containers before placing them back into your refrigerator