Cleaning with vaseline around the house

Vaseline is a home staple. It can be found in pretty much any medicine cabinet. Also known as petroleum jelly, vaseline was originally invented for healing burned skin. However, thanks to its natural waxes and mineral oils, it is a commonly used product nowadays. Here are a few ways in which you can use this inexpensive ingredient.

1. Protect surfaces while painting – Whenever you are starting a painting project but don’t have any painter’s tape, grab the vaseline tub. Apply a thin layer to all surfaces you want to protect from getting painted over. You can use it on door handles, light switches, door frames, and baseboards. Once you are done, all you need to do is wipe the vaseline away, no scraping needed!
2. De-scuff your shoes – Petroleum jelly is a great alternative for leather polish or conditioner. You can use it on furniture, handbags, shoes, boots, and baseball gloves. Grab a clean soft cloth, use a dab of vaseline and gently buff the leather. This will remove any scuffs, give your lather a nice glossy shine, and protect it from moisture.
3. Silence squeaky hinges – Vaseline is a great lubricant so you can use it as an alternative to WD-40. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on squeaky hinges. You can use it for doors, cabinets, and windows. You can use this ingredient to lubricate pretty much any drawers, racks, and even the doors of your refrigerator.
4. Keep your locks from freezing – If it is extremely cold outside, you can apply vaseline to both your lock and the key, insert it, and move it back and forth a few times. The petroleum jelly will keep any excess moisture away and prevent the lock from freezing.
5. Make light bulbs easier to remove – If you have had a light bulb in for a while, it might be hard to unscrew it when the time to change it comes. Next time, apply a thin layer of vaseline all over the thread of your new bulb and replace it after. Whenever you need to change it, things will be much easier.
6. Get rid of rust on tools – If you have noticed rust all over your tools and blades, it is time to take care of it. Rub some vaseline all over them between uses. It will prevent moisture from building up and causing rust.
7. Prevent battery corrosion – Corroded car batteries can be a burden – physically and financially. Prevent this from happening, even in the coldest conditions by applying a layer of vaseline over your battery. Disconnect the terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Reconnect them and cover the connections with a layer of vaseline.
8. Manage pests – A thin layer of vaseline on your windowsills and door thresholds will trap insects and get you rid of ants, bugs, and other pesky pests. You can also apply a bit of vaseline to a jar lid and use it as natural flypaper. Once the insects are stuck, throw the whole lid away.
9. Repair scratches – You can use vaseline to fix scratches, water rings, and other small stains that can be found on your wooden furniture. Coat the whole surface with a thick layer of petroleum jelly, let it sit for 24 hours, then wipe away any excess product. Rub the rest away with a clean cloth and buff to perfection.
10. Banish soap scum – Vaseline works wonders on soap scum. Apply a layer all over the affected area, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away with a cloth or a towel. You can also use vaseline to lubricate the threads of your faucet handles to keep them operating smoothly.
11. Fix your zipper – Next time your zipper is stuck and would not want to go up or down, do not hesitate to take the vaseline out. Using petroleum jelly on the stuck zipper will certainly help loosen it. Apply some to the top and bottom of your zipper, tug on it and stop worrying about it. You can use this for pants, jackets, and bags.
12. Help curtains glide smoothly on their rods – If the curtains in your home keep getting stuck and don’t want to move back and forth, you may want to use some vaseline. Rub some vaseline all over the rod and make it easier for the curtain hooks to slide around. This trick would also work on shower curtains.
13. Prolong pumpkins – Now that autumn is already here, pumpkins are in their element. However, if you like to use them for decoration or simply end up growing too many, they don’t deserve to go to waste. Apply some vaseline to the edges and the inside of the pumpkin once it is carved or cut up. That will keep it fresh and healthy looking for longer.