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First Class Cleaner provides domestic and commercial window cleaning services in Bromley-by-Bow, E3. Our cleaners are available seven days a week.

We are a cleaning company based at Bromley-by-Bow, E3 and we offer professional services in windows cleaning to the residents and office owners in the area. It is the unmatched quality of services that we offer to our clients that make us most preferred among our contenders in the area.

There is a world of difference between cleaning the windows conventionally or by household methods and cleaning them professionally. Professional cleaning of windows needs the appropriate tools that are not present in the household. We also have a fresh stock of cleaning supplies of every kind to treat all kinds of dirt and stains. Call us and get our services.

Window Cleaning Internal Price External Price
One Bed Property£30 £20 £50 £40
Two Bed Property£40 £30£70 £60
Three Bed Property£50 £40 £90 £80
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We appreciate your choice to book a window cleaning service with us and we guarantee that we won’t disappoint you. Our window cleaning professionals will show up on time, equipped with high quality squeegees, window cleaning extensions and window wands. You won’t see any unpleasant strikes or drippings at the end but that’s not everything. We offer cost – effective prices and availability in Bromley-by-Bow, E3 seven days a week. You can hire us to clean the windows and mirrors in your home, office or restaurant and the service won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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    We are a cleaning company, based in Bromley-by-Bow, E3, London and we are known for our wide range of cleaning services provided, as well as the quality we provide for our clients.

    We are experienced in all the services we are offering thanks to our great team; we are using environmental friendly cleaning ingredients and we are customer oriented – we are flexible according to your needs, your time schedules and even to your budget.

    So do not hesitate, call us and get all around you clean.

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    We are a cleaning company that have been operating in Bromley-by-Bow, E3 since long and offering quality professional services in windows cleaning. We understand the demand of our clients having been in the industry for long. We have a large base of clients in the area because people here trust us completely for the quality of services that we offer them.

    We have quality cleaning tools and cleaning supplies to ensure perfect cleaning of the windows. We make sure that our methods are safe on the property and effective on the dirt, stains and greases. Call us to help us gift you a cleaner window in no time.