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First Class Cleaner provides domestic and commercial window cleaning services in Arkley, NW7. Our cleaners are available seven days a week.

Cleaning of windows can be a very time-consuming and annoying task. However, we have the solution for you. Our professional window cleaning services are here to help you out by taking perfect care of your windows. Our company is one of the leaders on the market in Arkley, NW7. We have been working hard for years to provide everyone with the highest standards in the business at prices that our clients can easily afford. We use only biodegradable cleaning products, all of which are safe for your health and the environment. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us.

Window Cleaning Internal Price External Price
One Bed Property £30 £20 £50 £40
Two Bed Property £40 £30 £70 £60
Three Bed Property £50 £40 £90 £80
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Do you want clean and shiny windows? Are you tired of cleaning by yourself, are tired of soapy spots all over and the blur corners of the windows? Are you afraid of heights? Are you a Arkley, NW7, London resident?

If any of these questions has a “yes” answer, then you surely need us. A cleaning company with wide range of cleaning service, but we have our preferences – the window cleaning – we have a team of skilled professionals, using special equipment and high quality cleaning ingredients. Above this we are available seven days a week! And the most important are the good prices!

Call now and see the quality we are offering!!!

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    We have been the most preferred cleaning company offering truly professional services in windows cleaning to the residents and office owners in Arkley, NW7. We also offer services to commercial properties. Perfect cleaning of windows needs the handling of experts. We have a bunch of professionals who are adept in dealing with all kinds of dirt and stains.

    Apart from conventional cleaning tools, we have special tools to treat the graffiti on the windows. Our services are safe not just on your property but on your surroundings as well. Do remember to dial our number in case you need professional windows cleaning services.

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    Arkley, NW7, London is the new area where or cleaning company is offering cleaning activities and is giving its customers a chance of fresh air from all domestic stuff that could suffocate you. We are offering you a wide range of cleaning services, performed by our amazing professionals, experienced in different situations. We are dealing with great cleaning components and professional equipment to ensure best results and spotless hygiene. Do you need more? Well, then you have to know we are available every day of the week, even Saturdays and Sundays. We are offering package and special prices.

    What you need to do now is just call and book!