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Sofa Cleaning

First Class Cleaner London provides top notch sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Farringdon, EC1M. We offer steam sofa cleaning seven days a week.

Upholstery cleaning in Farringdon, EC1M, London performed by our cleaning agency can prolong the life of your furniture when it is new and keep it longer when it is not brand new, but still like to keep for some more time. With the great help of professional cleaning ingredients, our professional cleaners can perform cleaning miracles for your furniture.

One of our best advantages is our working time – we are available for you every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. And even better in our offer are our prices – you can get an approximate quotation when you call our operators. Do not hesitate to call if you need any details.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25
Sofa – Two Seat from £30
Sofa – Three Seat from £45
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Flight of Stairs from £18

Minimum call out charge £55

Upholstery Cleaning EC1M, Farringdon

Sofa Cleaning During Cleaning

The maintenance of your furniture is essential to the health of your family, especially if you have pets in the house as well. Your dog will do a lot of damage and will leave tons of hairs and grime, which is an excellent environment for germs and bacteria.

Book for our special fairly – priced sofa cleaning. Our company is leader in sofa cleaning services in London because of the professionalism of our technicians. They will be on your address in a short notice, fully equipped and ready to work. We now cover the area of Farringdon, EC1M. Call and book today!

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    The regular and careful cleaning and maintenance you do to your furniture at home or in the office don’t seem to be enough? It still looks dirty and shabby? We have an ideal solution for you as we fulfill the most efficient sofa cleaning in Farringdon, EC1M and many other London areas.

    You can use our technicians to cover your sofas, couches, armchairs, stools, upholstered chairs, or whatever, and you will see what perfect cleanliness is like. By the use of the latest technology, we achieve spotless results and comfort every time and make your favourite furniture a heavenly place of your home.

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    Upholstered Chair Cleaning Before and Cleaning

    Do you love spending your free time lying on your fresh and comfortable sofa and watching TV or reading? Most of us do but your favourite furniture also requires detailed and expert care in order to be able to serve you for a long time.

    We can offer you the sofa cleaning you have been searching for and it is the most efficient and quality service you can ever get not only in Farringdon, EC1M but in entire London, too. Our cleaning process is fulfilled with the help of the latest methods and products and always leaves your furniture flawlessly clean.