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First Class Cleaner London provides gardening services in Thornton Heath, SW16 including lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Our gardeners are available seven days a week.

If you need cleaning, shaping or maintaining of the plants in your garden you can rely on our gardeners to do the required work. They will inspect your outdoor area and provide the necessary work to make the flowers, trees, bushes and the rest of the plants nourish and grow in a healthy soil.

The gardeners who work for us operate in the area of Thornton Heath, SW16 and have the necessary skills and experience to ensure the proper growth of every plant. Whether you need removing of stumps, old trees, trimming of branches, hedges or other work, they can provide it.

Gardening Services Price per Hour
Lawn Mowing £45
Hedge Trimming £45

Gardening Services Thornton Heath

Hedge Trimming

If you need assistance with the gardening work that you have, rely on the experienced gardeners who work in our agency to provide it. They can offer you many gardening services in this number trimming of the hedges, clearing of garden waste, removing of old stumps and many others.

Use the gardening services which we provide to maintain the green area around your property in good condition. Our gardeners work in the region of Thornton Heath, SW16 providing removing of weeds, lawn mowing, tree shaping and many other services. Use them whenever you need help with the gardening work, need professional consultation or advice.

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    Do you need a little help with the completion of the long list of chores? Of course you do, everybody does sometimes. This is why we are here. We got you covered. Our company provides a big range of gardening services – from lawn mowing and hedge trimming to tree pruning, everything you could ever need. Your only job is to contact us whenever you are ready.

    We will respond immediately. Our gardeners are available for you 7 days in the week and we cover not only Thornton Heath, SW16, but also every other part of Greater London. Feel free to call us.

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    Lawn Mowing

    If your home is located in Thornton Heath, SW16 and you have a garden that you do not maintain, but hate seeing all weedy and ugly, give us a call and we will take care of it. Our company offers you to try our amazing and unparalleled gardening services.

    The gardeners working for us will give you a fast, effective and affordable gardening service. Our gardeners can help you with a general gardening maintenance or more specific needs. Feel free to tell them what you want and they will fulfil your requirements. We guarantee you 100% efficiency and satisfaction with our results. Your garden will look more than beautiful.