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First Class Cleaner London provides gardening services in Notting Hill, W11 including lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Our gardeners are available seven days a week.

Whether you need your garden brought back to life or you need a less complicated task done within the garden, we are here to provide you with the right help. We are a professional company that has been involved in the gardening business for many years. We are located in Notting Hill, W11, where we have pleased thousands of customers and helped their gardens thrive.

Our team of qualified gardeners will arrive to your place on time and examine the garden to find the most adequate way to achieve effective results. They will use professional tolls and make sure your garden looks amazing at the end.

Gardening Services Price per Hour
Lawn Mowing £45
Hedge Trimming £45

Gardening Services Notting Hill

Hedge Trimming

If the garden which you have needs any improvements, corrections or innovations, we can provide them. The gardeners who work for us are at your disposal in Notting Hill, W11 to offer you the services which you need. They can mow the lawn, remove the weeds, apply fertilizers on the soil, shape and trim the tree crowns, hedges and bushes and do many other tasks.

Our skilled gardeners can offer you a number of services to choose from after inspecting your outdoor area. They can consult you on many subjects regarding your garden plants and providing the best possible cares for them.

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    Our company is occupied with garden upkeep and we have been around for a long time. Our amazing gardeners in Notting Hill, W11 are so experienced and creative that your outdoor space will look at its best all four seasons. No matter what the weather is like, we will do our best to accomplish all the tasks you ask us to, including mowing the lawn, collecting waste, trimming your trees and hedges, etc. We are dedicated, creative and willing to keep your garden beautiful at all times.

    If you want to hire a gardener, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Here is our contact number – give us a go now.

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    Lawn Mowing

    If your home is located in Notting Hill, W11 and you have a garden that you do not maintain, but hate seeing all weedy and ugly, give us a call and we will take care of it. Our company offers you to try our amazing and unparalleled gardening services.

    The gardeners working for us will give you a fast, effective and affordable gardening service. Our gardeners can help you with a general gardening maintenance or more specific needs. Feel free to tell them what you want and they will fulfil your requirements. We guarantee you 100% efficiency and satisfaction with our results. Your garden will look more than beautiful.