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First Class Cleaner London provides gardening services in Bellingham, SE6 including lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Our gardeners are available seven days a week.

You can have your garden improved and maintained in excellent condition if you use the services of our experienced and skilful gardeners. They can offer you a number of tasks including mowing of lawns, cleaning of pathways, trimming of hedges, seeding of plants, removing of weeds and others.

The gardeners who work for us are ready to take care of the plants and pathways in front of your property, located within Bellingham, SE6, any day and time. Call us to schedule the gardening services which you need and we will provide them at an affordable price. Our gardeners works from Monday to Sunday.

Gardening Services Price per Hour
Lawn Mowing £45
Hedge Trimming £45

Gardening Services Bellingham

Hedge Trimming

If you are looking for a gardening service, call us right away. Our company operates anywhere in Bellingham, SE6 and we would love to help you turn your garden into an outdoors heaven for your family. Our company can give you general garden maintenance as well as customised landscaping services.

The gardeners working for us are experienced and highly skilled professionals, who know how to take care of any garden and its specific problems. They will happily fulfil any special and individual requests you might have about your garden, and the can maintain it the way you want. Call us now, our prices are very attractive.

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    You want the best for your garden but you don’t have the time to maintain it? Then use our professional help and we will take good care of it. Our company has the best team of experienced gardeners in London and we pride ourselves with the amazing job we have always done.

    Our crew is specialised in gardening and is always ready to help your garden get back in shape. We are located in Bellingham, SE6 and are known as a reliable and customer-oriented company. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us any day of the week, including on weekends and holidays.

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    Lawn Mowing

    By using the services of the gardeners who work in our company you can ensure the impeccable condition of your outdoor areas. We offer seeding of new plants, doing the improvements and innovations which the customer requires. Our gardeners can offer you many ideas how to improve the appearance of your green areas.

    Use the services of the gardeners who work in our agency that is based in Bellingham, SE6 to have perfectly maintained outdoor areas. We work seven days in the week with no change in the price when working during the weekends. Call us or use our booking form to schedule a meeting with our gardeners.