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Carpet cleaning services in Limehouse, E14 provided by professional carpet cleaners from First Class Cleaner. Give us a call and get a free quote!

You can save your carpets from getting soiled, filled with stains and allergens by ordering the carpet cleaning services which we provide. Our company which is located in Limehouse, E14 offers professional dry, steam and vacuum cleaning for carpets made of different materials. Our cleaning staff will choose the most suitable cleaning procedures to return the flawless condition of your carpets. They can remove stains from foods and drinks, dark blemishes, dust, pet fur and hairs. Rely on our cleaning technicians to refresh and clean in depth the carpets that you have and make the environment in your home and commercial property healthier.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery CleaningPrice
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25
Sofa – Two Seat from £30
Sofa – Three Seat from £45
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Flight of Stairs from £18

Minimum call out charge £55

    Carpet Cleaners E14, Limehouse

    Carpet Cleaning

    Our company is devoted to carpet cleaning. For several years we have served customers in Limehouse, E14. We do our best to tackle the job to your liking. We will take into consideration your requests and if there are any areas you want us to pay special attention to, we will.

    Owners should be present when cleaning begins but if you are not able to hang around until we are done, we believe we can find a way to figure things out. Just let us know in advance that you are going to need us. We will do our best to live up to your expectations. Make an appointment.


    Every carpet needs to be maintained properly and well to be used long time and look good. Our company offers personalized solutions for every carpet paying attention to the materials which it consists of. Our carpet cleaning services are professional and suitable for all kinds of estates, located in or near Limehouse, E14. The cleaners will remove the furniture and items from the carpet, pre-treat all stains in it and provide the chosen cleaning methods. After they complete the cleaning process, they will deodorize the cleaned carpets. Use our reliable carpet cleaning services any time when you need professional cleaning of your carpets.

    Cleaning Process
    Below you can see our cleaners performing professional carpet cleaning

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    Steam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Limehouse

    Upholstery Cleaning

    All carpets should be cleaned regularly and professionally at least once or twice in the year to be maintained well. If you use our great carpet cleaning services you will enjoy the nice and hygienic condition of your carpets longer. Our cleaners use the most efficient and professional machines, biodegradable preparations and stain removers. They will extract the dust, allergens, mites and stubborn blemishes from your carpet. Our staff can eliminate all kinds of bad odours from carpets. The carpet cleaning which we provide is appropriate for domestic and business estates, located in Limehouse, E14. Use our customer care centre, online form or e-mail to reserve it.