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After builders cleaning is not an easy job, as most London people have found out. It takes patience and hard work to restore a home to the way it used to be after renovation or construction has been completed. Most people just do not have the time or knowledge to ensure thick construction dust is removed for good.

Because we have been in the after builders cleaning business for several years, we have gained access to the tools and products that the average person just cannot find on supermarket shelves. We pride ourselves on offering quality services at prices people can afford. All our cleaning crew come highly trained, and know how to use all our modern appliances and cleaning products.

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Construction Cleaning SE9, Mottingham

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Homes when they are newly constructed are messy and require a thorough cleaning. The cleaning required is not equivalent to regular house cleaning. It requires powerful cleaning tools and strong cleaning products to remove the construction spots and mess. We are an after builders cleaning company offering specialized services in cleaning newly constructed apartments.

We have our office in Mottingham, SE9. Our cleaners are professionals who have long years of experience behind them. They take complete care of the property so that no amount of damage is caused to it. Call us immediately to hire our professional after builder cleaners.

    After Builders Cleaners SE9


    Not only do we offer London residences quality after builders cleaning services, but an excellent customer service. We are here to provide homeowners with help after they have had any type of construction done on their property. Not only inside the home, but outside as well.

    Our time served after builders cleaning crew have many years of experience, and are all highly trained. Our reputation precedes us in most areas, however, still not convinced, then we also offer up to date references from previously satisfied customers. We offer free estimates and are fully insured, just in case any little mishaps may occur, we will foot the bill.

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    After Builders Cleaning

    If you have already decided that after builders cleaning is not for you all you have to do is to choose cleaning company that will provide this service for you. We know that in London the number of the cleaning agency is infinite and it is hard to choose.

    Why our agency? We are situated near you, in the heart of the city in Mottingham, SE9, and also we provide the work of the greatest quality in this area. Not only we will take care for the cleanliness of your home, but we will follow strictly your requirement so that we can meet your needs to our best.