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After builders cleaning in Brent Cross, NW4 provided by professional cleaners from First Class Cleaner. Give us a call and get a free quote!

You need after builders cleaning in Brent Cross, NW4, London, but you are not sure what you should be looking for?

Well, you may find our offer useful, as it includes some details on the cleaning schedule:

  • We remove labels, stickers and tapes from windows, bathrooms and kitchen appliances
  • Deep floor cleaning (from different remains, dust and dirt, paint, etc.)
  • Window cleaning (including window frames and everything)
  • Cleaning all rooms
  • Ensure the house is dirt free

Of course this is a brief introduction of the activities we plan to perform and in all depends on your needs and specifics in your place. Be sure you share your requirements with us.

After Builders Cleaning Services Price
After Builders Cleaning from £20/h

Construction Cleaning NW4, Brent Cross

Post Constriction Clean Up

We are professional service providers in after builders cleaning in Brent Cross, NW4. While we aim at flawless cleaning, we also ensure the safety of the property. New and unused properties require more care and caution while cleaning than old ones. We have a complete group of professional cleaners who are skilled in handling all kinds of challenges in after builders cleaning.

The floors often get little spots of paint. While the spots are next to impossible being removed by conventional cleaning methods, our special after builder cleaners can remove them completely. Do remember to call us to get our services.

    After Builders Cleaners NW4


    If recently there have been reconstruction or building activities in your house then maybe you still wonder how exactly to clean perfectly all the mess created by the workers- there is dust everywhere, even on the most difficult to reach places, there is cement that just will not go out.

    If this is your case than you should better call us and place an order for our after builders cleaning, it is not expensive and it will resolve so much of your problems. Our employees are in the office in Brent Cross, NW4, but will grab their instruments and detergents and come to your place no matter where in London you are.

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    After Builders Cleaning

    We have been the most preferred company offering after builders cleaning service to the new homes and apartments in Brent Cross, NW4. We make sure that our cleaning processes are effective while also being safe on the new property. Our professionals are registered and they undergo thorough training before being sent to clean the properties.

    They are experienced cleaners who have workable and practical knowledge about the different aspects of after builders cleaning. We provide them with adequate instruments and tools to ensure that they achieve optimum results on the properties of our clients. Call us to get our services.